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Our donors and supporters mean a great deal to us at Jupiter Theatre. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to  create original works of Canadian theatre that are visual, physical, and musical. We seek to share powerful stories that explore the human condition and challenge audiences with contemporary social issues through visceral and innovative productions. Donations make this possible and demonstrate to our sponsors the support we have in this community. Donations of any size help us to create wonderful theatre for our community to enjoy.

You can donate directly to our PayPal account using the button below.

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We'd like thank all of the amazing donors that helped us this season:

Anonymous, Denise Anderson, Conrad Belau, W. Benz, Kristy Benz, Marie-Louise Collins, Santino Comita, Nancy Davies, Alex Dobson, Rebecca Fauser, Athomas Goldberg, Neal Halstead, Jordy Hecker, Madeline Hunter Smith, Kendra Hutchinson, James L Hutchison, Danielle Klaudt, Colin Kierans, Rachel Komori, Sarah London, Linda MacGillivray, Daniel McAloney, Rebekah Nicholson, Emily-May Olson, Virginia Ratsoy, Andy Skauge,  Crystal Skillman, Victoria Skorobohach, Rachel Lynn Walliser, Tracey Watson, Aaron M. Wells, Tess Wiens, Cayley Wreggitt.

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