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Frankenstein Production Poster Final.png
Frankenstein Production Poster Final.png


By Andrew G. Cooper

Who is the true monster?

Frankenstein presents the tragedy of an outcast creature brought into existence by the young scientist Victor Frankenstein. In this adaptation of Mary Shelley's spine-chilling Gothic classic, Victor is obsessed with discovering the secrets of science and nature, but nothing can prepare him for what he brings to life one dark night in the heart of winter. So begins a life-or-death adventure as the creature struggles to find his place in the world while battling the demons inside himself.

"Frankenstein is a stunner...a major accomplishment

- Louis Hobson, Calgary Herald


- Caroline Russel-King, Calgary Theatre Critic Awards

"beautiful to watch, and truly remarkable

- A. L. Couch, Calgary Independent Theatre Critic

Artistic Personnel

Andrew G. Cooper

Skylar Desjardins

Jared Raschke

Yvonne Ustick

Lukas Vanderlip

Alexis Ly

Ashley King

Emily Parkhouse

Autumn Sali

Thea Killen-Smith

Heather Faye

Selena Fisher

Anastasia St. Amand

Heids MacDonald

Calum Maunier

Sabrena Shah Baigzada


Lighting Designer

Set Designer

Costume Designer

Composer/Sound Designer

Makeup Designer

Disability/Accessibility Consultant

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Puppet Builder

Set Builder

Music Director

Intimacy Choreographer

Fight Choreographer

Production Manager/Technical Director

Production Assistant

The Cast

Chris Clare

Austin Halarewich

Mike Tan

Carolina Contreras Issa

Ashley King

Madeline Hunter Smith

Liam Whitley

Alphonse Frankenstein/Monsieur de Lacey

Victor Frankenstein

The Creature

Justine Moritz

Agatha de Lacey

Elizabeth Lavenza

Henry Clerval/Felix de Lacey

Thank you to all the artists who contributed to the worksops and previous productions of this project including:

Kathy Austin, Brooke Ballam, Jerod Blake, Karra Brotherton, Lisa Floyd, Laine Gilles, Brendan Law, Michael Luong, Rebbekah Ogden, Udit Sapre, Cassie Smith, Todd Sullivan, Josh Sunderman, Sarah Uwadiae, Taran Waterous, Ella Wilson

Production History

August 2017: Workshop and Reading, Kamloops, BC

February 2018: Workshop Production, Kamloops, BC

June 2019: Workshop and Reading, Red Deer, AB

October 2021: Workshop, Calgary, AB

March - April 2023: Production, Calgary, AB (Festival of Animated Objects)

Future Development

We’re currently seeking partners and residencies for Frankenstein. If you feel an artistic calling to this show and are interested in the project, please get in touch with us.

If you’d like to stay up to date on this show in the future, sign up for our newsletter.

Latest News

We'd like to thank the following for their generous support of our production of Frankenstein: Calgary Young People's Theatre, The Costume Collective, Ghost River Theatre, Ian Pond, Mehgan Smith, Morpheus Theatre, StoryBook Theatre, Theatre Calgary

Thank You

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