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Current Submissions


We are happy to receive submissions from actors, stage managers, directors, designers and other artists who are interested in working with Jupiter Theatre. To be added to our artist database, please send an email to Artistic Producer Andrew G. Cooper with your resume. Actors, please also include a headshot. Designers and directors, please include an electronic portfolio or examples of your work.


We are open to receiving unsolicited script submissions from playwrights and theatre creators. We are looking for bold, contemporary works that engage with or push against the genres of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, and mythology. We are looking for new plays that explore the ‘what ifs’ of human potential, challenge the status quo, envision a new future, offer an alternative present, or that have something meaningful to say about the world we live in. We are open to projects in all stages of development but are specifically looking for plays that have not as of yet received a full production or publication. You can send your script to by email to Artistic Producer Andrew G. Cooper with your resume. We tend to respond to unsolicited scripts within three months of receiving them.


Jupiter Theatre is seeking members of the community to join its Board of Directors. Board members will aid Jupiter Theatre in effectively and efficiently executing its mission to create original works of Canadian theatre that are visual, physical, and musical. We seek to share powerful stories that explore the human condition and challenge audiences with contemporary social issues through visceral and innovative productions. Joining our board of directors will mean contributing to the arts and theatre community in Calgary in a meaningful way.

Knowledge and skills in governance, finance, development or fundraising, marketing, or human resources are an asset, but no previous experience is required. Jupiter Theatre is a new, small organization. If you have thought about joining a board of directors but feel that you lack experience – this is the board for you!

We are currently recruiting board members on an ongoing basis for one and two year terms. The board of directors will meet monthly. To apply, please email Andrew G. Cooper at with any experience you have and your interest in the company. 

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