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(EXP)LORE YOUR WORLD. Experience lore. 

(exp)lore is a fiction anthology podcast to be enjoyed in the community while social distancing. These site-specific stories take an imaginative dive into the past and future of Calgary’s inner city. Each episode immerses the audience in a rich audio play while they explore the world through a new lens.


Episode 3: Under the Plaza

by Andrew G. Cooper

There is an underground circus beneath the plaza downtown, a circus filled with colour and lights and life. Rachel has been missing for over a week, but when her best friend Vera finds her in this strange subterranean world, everything they know will be questioned. With the spirit of a big top circus and the heart of urban fantasy, Under the Plaza is a magical coming of age story that explores what it means to be lost and what it means to be found.

Episode Location: 

Olympic Plaza, Downtown, Calgary SE

Episode 3 image 2.jpg

You should be listening to this episode at Olympic Plaza, an urban park in downtown Calgary. It is located between MacLeod Trail SE and 7th Avenue SE. There’s an amphitheatre just to the west of the pool/skating rink, this is where the story begins .


HINT: See if you can follow the storyteller as she moves along with the story.

Episode Personnel

Andrew G. Cooper.jpg

Andrew G. Cooper is a Canadian director, playwright, and now podcast creator and producer. As a director and theatre artist, Andrew’s focus is on the creation of new works with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary art and storytelling through non-verbal mediums such as movement, puppetry, mask, and stage combat. Andrew is the Artistic Producer of Jupiter Theatre in Calgary, Alberta and a lover of speculative fiction. They’re so excited to jump into the world of podcasts and explore this new world!

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Andrew G. Cooper


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Deedra is a Calgary-based Métis artist fascinated with all mediums of storytelling within the entertainment industry; including acting, singing, podcasting, poetry, puppetry and stand-up. She believes the courage to tell your story comes at a high cost of vulnerability. Likewise empathy is needed to listen to others. It is her wish to rouse the empathy and courage necessary, to allow those stories to come to fruition.

Deedra Salange Ladouceur

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Janelle Cooper is an award-winning Actor, Director, Writer and Educator. She is the founder of Ellipsis Tree Collective (ETC) – an Afrocentric performance society dedicated to the professional development and production of works by BIPOC Artists; and Queens That Rule - a Toronto-based empowerment initiative dedicated to the creative establishment of emerging and professional Womxn Artists across all disciplines. Janelle is also the creator of the new web series “The Call Out" – a show that discusses various forms and instances of racism and this systems effect on the racially marginalized

Janelle Cooper


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Jamie performs as a vocalist, actor, puppeteer and dance/movement artist, passionately creating new work and transcending genres.  Select theatre credits include Giant (GRT), Catalyst Theatre's Fortune Falls, The Drowning Girls (YYC/Vertigo), Songs from Nightengale Alley (FoF), and One Yellow Rabbit's Moon, Moon No Moon, and Calgary, I Love You but You're Killing Me. Jamie is Wreck City alumni, and joined the Old Trout Puppet Workshop as an apprentice builder on Jabberwocky. 

JamIe Tognazzini

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riffin is excited to be lending his voice to (exp)lore once again! You can hear him as Nick “Smiles” Archer in the 2nd Episode of (exp)lore: A Dangerous View. You may also recognize his voice as Kouji Ibuki on Cardfight! Vanguard, or as Brutal on Futurecard BuddyFight X. Griffin has been working professionally in theatre, film, and voice for over a decade, and is an Artistic Associate with Sage Theatre. He recently received the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award, and he was named one of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts’ Top 25 Young Artists in 2017.

Griffin Cork

Mask Maker

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Kiana is a Chinese-Canadian actor, mover and creator with a special love for clown, physical theatre, and classical works. She’s delighted to be a part of the (exp)lore podcast series as an actor. In her off time, she enjoys playing the ukulele, thrifting and searching for exciting snacks. She sends endless thanks to her friends and family who constantly shower her with love and support in this wild career.

Kiana Woo


Project Personnel

Andrew G. Cooper

Cassandra Watson

Skylar Desjardins

Alixandra Cowman

Jonathan Lewis

Kyle Marshall


Assistant Producer

Production and Technical Director

Sound Designer


Audio Engineer

Additional recording for this episode by Nick Bohle.

Thank You

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