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The Time Machinist

with Le Cirque de La Nuit

The Grand Theatre | September 8 - 10, 2023

A thrilling circus theatre experience for all ages that delves into the enigmatic wonders of the past and illuminates the limitless possibilities of the future!

Experience the captivating mysteries of time travel as the vainglorious Time Machinist, Owen Mittagen Vottenberg III, takes you on an extraordinary journey through the ages, for all ages! Be enthralled by his remarkable collection of human specimens, carefully curated from his daring expeditions through time. Witness the wonders of this groundbreaking technology unfold before your eyes as Owen pushes the boundaries of his time machine to unprecedented limits where adventure and danger await!

With extraordinary circus acts, stunning visual effects, and gripping suspense, The Time Machinist explores the enigmatic realm of timekeeping and the secrets that lie within. Don't miss your chance to run away with the circus and witness this incredible spectacle of timeless proportions!

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