Ensemble Theatre

The Jupiter Ensemble Theatre Syndicate (JETS) is a creation driven ensemble that develops new works of devised theatre during the season. The process is driven by the exploration of movement and text. 

By the Jupiter Ensemble


Pestilence. War. Famine. Death. FOUR is a work-in-progress devised theatre piece that blends mythology and contemporary societal issues through movement and text. The Horsemen are here and they are the harbingers of one thing: the social, and literal, apocalypse

BY madeleine taylor-gregg & madeline hunter smith

"We do not need belief, sister. We have the truth. We have our stories. Truth. Lost to time."

Medusa is a new, devised, feminist retelling of the ancient Greek myth most popularly documented by the poet Ovid. Athena is a righteous and wise Goddess, concerned with upholding justice in the mortal world, and Medusa is a dangerous snake-haired monster that turns any living thing she sees to stone. Or is there more to the story? Through movement, music, mask, and original text, we explore the resounding voice of a woman misunderstood.

BY Andrew G. Cooper

"Even great heroes such as Perseus and Andromeda must honour their destiny or suffer divine wrath."

Andromeda is a movement show based on a nearly two thousand year old lost Greek play by Euripides. Andromeda is a princess chained to a rock to be sacrificed to a sea monster. Perseus is a hero on a mission from the gods. How will their story unfold? This myth was staged by Euripides, the ancient Greek playwright, but over the millennia the script has been lost and fragmented. We have taken the fragments of this story and brought it to life for today’s audiences through movement, music, acrobatics, and dance.

© 2020 by Jupiter Theatre

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Jupiter Theatre would like to recognize the lands on which we work, explore, and create:

Jupiter Theatre calls Treaty 7 Territory our home, which is the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy which includes the Kainai, Siksika and Piikani Nations, Tsuu T'ina (Dene) Nation and the Stoney/Nakoda Nation which include the Bearspaw, Chiniki, Wesley Nations and the Metis Nation Region 3.