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  • Jupiter Theatre Team

Frankenstein by Andrew G. Cooper is launching at the 2023 Festival of Animated Objects

Jupiter Theatre is proud to announce that our upcoming production of Frankenstein by Andrew G Cooper, as part of the 2023 Festival Of Animated Objects.

Who is the true monster? Frankenstein presents the tragedy of an outcast creature brought into existence by the young scientist Victor Frankenstein. In this adaptation of Mary Shelley's spine-chilling Gothic classic, Victor is obsessed with discovering the secrets of science and nature, but nothing can prepare him for what he brings to life one dark night in the heart of winter. So begins a life-or-death adventure as the creature struggles to find his place in the world while battling the demons inside himself.

This theatrical performance combines elements of movement, puppetry, shadows, masks, and provocative design to bring to life a unique and spectacular production in Calgary. Frankenstein will take you on a haunting and thrilling journey in the theatre that you won't soon forget.

The production runs March 23 to April 2, 2023 at the West Village Theatre. Tickets are available now.

Thank you to the Calgary Arts Development and City of Calgary for making this production possible.


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